Bentley Caldwell

Client Experience

Sylvester Carstarphen

Sylvester is a recently promoted VP for a large tech company here in Nashville. He reached out to upgrade his wardrobe to feel more professional and up to date. He came to Bentley with an old outdated style, and didn’t feel like he had the time or patience to shop, or the confidence to put outfits together.

One of Sylvester’s concerns was that he didn’t want to look like he was going to work all the time. He wanted his work attire to be on point, but also still look great even when he was casual. Bentley was able to fine him looks that fit the bill. Now he is the most stylish guy in the office and has his employees asking him for style advice.

Here is what Sylvester has to say about his experience:

I feel like I’m a genius for choosing Bentley to work with! I loved all the personal touches. From Bentley picking me up and taking me shopping versus meeting at all the various locations. The pre-work that he did at each of the stores really showed that he understood my style and picked out things that would align with the new direction. He exceeded all my expectations. I love my purchases. I feel like I actually have some style. It was so gratifying as we put pieces together and I got to look at my transformation in the mirror. Getting to know Bentley the person and the stylist made the experience! He was gracious about helping me understand why my belongings needed to go, but wasn’t pushy about articles that I needed to purchases. It was my call at the end of the day and I appreciated that so much.