Bentley Caldwell

Spring Catalog “5 Spring Must Haves”

Click on the link above to access the full catalog. Inside you’ll find a few of my favorite staples for the Spring. It’s amazing how versatile these pieces are. These are looks that are both classic and relevant. You can be a little more bold with a few of the looks, or keep it safe and sophisticated. 

I walk you through 5 of my favorite finds for Spring:

  • Chore Jackets
  • Muted Polos
  • Green Chinos
  • White Sneakers
  • Neutral Plaid Shirts

In this Catalog, you’ll find 4 of my suggestions for each category. You can even click right on the images, and purchase them directly. Plus, I share several “Looks” (a few examples above) to spark your creativity on just how many ways you can put these items together. Not to worry, I take the guesswork out of your Spring wardrobe!