Bentley Caldwell

JAN 2023 “Wedding Wardrobe Woes”

Each month Nashville #1 Men’s Personal Stylist, Bentley Caldwell will weigh in on the latest trends and answer men’s styling questions. His partner in crime, Carson Love will share her style tips for women.


“Hi! My name is Bentley Caldwell. I am a Nashville-based men’s personal stylist. Welcome to my side of the Nfocus style column. What can you expect? Fun and candid banter about all things men’s fashion. Alongside Carson Love, my stylish partner-in-crime, we will guide you through the ups and downs of various fashions. Let’s dive into our first topic, shall we?

Gents! Let’s talk wedding attire. Imagine a beautiful spring wedding. The weather is magnificent; the sun is shining; the birds are chirping. The string quartet is playing “Canon in D.” Love is in the air.

In walks Rick.* “Who is Rick?” you ask? Rick is the guest wearing an ill-fitting suit, scuffed shoes and a tie that screams ‘I’m here to party!’ Don’t be a Rick.

Upon being invited to a wedding, check the invitation for wedding attire. “Cocktail Attire?” Suit up. “Black Tie?” Wear a tux. “Cowboy Boho Chic?” Decline the invitation and get new friends.

A foolproof option for a cocktail-attire wedding is a navy suit. A navy suit is unbelievably versatile: it opens your wardrobe up to an array of shirt, tie and pocket square combinations. Unless it is a black-tie wedding, refrain from wearing a black suit — you are not the one getting married.

For accessories, keep it simple. If your suit is the main course, your accessories are the seasoning. Do not overdo it, or you will ruin it. A nice knit tie and a pocket square go a long way in completing a classic wedding look.

Lastly, shoes complete the outfit. You could wear a $3,000 suit, but if your shoes are in bad shape, the look is ruined. A classic brown lace-up should do the trick with a navy suit. If you want to add a little flair, a loafer or monk-strap dress shoe is always a crowd pleaser.

And there it is! A surefire way to look your best this wedding season and not like a Rick.”