Bentley Caldwell

MAR 2023 “Third Month, Third Pieces”

Each month Nashville #1 Men’s Personal Stylist, Bentley Caldwell will weigh in on the latest trends and answer men’s styling questions. His partner in crime, Carson Love will share her style tips for women.


I often get this question from clients I’ve worked with. Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring can be difficult without the proper guidance — especially if you live in Nashville, where you could have all four seasons in one day. (God bless you, Lelan Statom!) Here are a few tips I use when helping my clients make their seasonal transition.

Layer up! Have you ever left the house in the morning wearing one thing, only to be sweating by lunchtime? Temperatures tend to fluctuate in the spring. Layering — or having a third piece like a jacket or shirt-jacket — is a great way to combat the unpredictable spring weather. Having a top layer that you can pop on and off is essential, and no, your North Face jacket and Patagonia puffer vest do not count as a third piece! We’ll talk more about that next month. 

Chino? Chin-yes! (I’m sorry.) An easy seasonal transition is trading out jeans for chinos. Denim is a heavier fabric — great for cooler months, but terrible in warmer weather. The lighter fabric of chinos is perfect for spring. Put a little cuff in them, show some ankle and you’re ready to go! Pro tip: If you need the denim look, navy chinos achieve the same look without adding heat. Let’s be real; there’s nothing worse than the feeling of sweaty blue jeans. 

Boot the boots! Loafers and sneakers are the name of the game during spring; in terms of fabrics and uses, the versatility is endless. Bonus: They’ll look great with your cuffed chinos. Relieve your heavy winter boots of their duty with a salute. They’ve served you well.

Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow in February, spring is right around the corner. Hang in there! If you still need help with your closet’s seasonal transition, reach out to a stylist. We’re here to help!