Bentley Caldwell

Client Experience

Hobie Porterfield


Hobie is a retired Marine and Fire Fighter who never had a need for style before moving to Nashville. Once in Nashville, he realized he had more opportunities to go out by his wife’s side and needed a wardrobe that could keep up.

Hobie hired me with 1 objective. Effortless Style. Simple, easy, and not too much flair was the name of the game for Hobie.

Here is what Hobie has to say about his experience:

“I have never used a Stylist in my life. I’ve worn whatever is comfortable and whatever my Wife recommended. I would say my old style was “country comfortable.”  
I used Bentley last year after moving to Nashville. I was dreading the idea of shopping and after talking with him and going through my closet, he got an idea of what I like and what would look good on me. Bentley already had clothes put on personal racks at each store in my sizes and it was seamless, easy shopping! 
I’ve never been a fashion guy, this was painless and educational. I learned how to know sizes that actually fit and are comfortable. It’s boosted my confidence and I feel really good going out.  
Bentley set my closet up so perfectly that I can just pull almost anything together without thinking and it looks like I took time to put an outfit together. 
I can’t recommend Bentley enough. Great experience and it has changed any hesitation on what to wear for any occasion. I always had clothes I never wore, not anymore. Great guy, surprisingly great experience.”