Bentley Caldwell

FEB 2023 “Intentionally & Intelligently Investing in Apparel”

Each month Nashville #1 Men’s Personal Stylist, Bentley Caldwell will weigh in on the latest trends and answer men’s styling questions. His partner in crime, Carson Love will share her style tips for women.


Gents! Let’s talk about the urge to splurge. With my styling clients, I adhere to the adage: “Buy nice or pay twice.” Remember that time you bought the “3 for $0.99” meal at Taco Bell? And how did that work out for you? 

Fashion is no different! Oftentimes, you get what you pay for. Here are three wardrobe items I encourage men to splurge on!

A custom-tailored suit: I’m not throwing shade at the fine suiting institutions in the mall, but — for the full, quality endeavor — go to an actual tailor. Nothing beats the experience of looking through fabric books, being properly measured and picking the exact suit you want. Suits are great, but bespoke suits last longer, fit perfectly and can be a huge confidence booster.

Jeans: We live our lives in denim, so splurge on quality jeans, guys. Brands push what I like to call “denim sweatpants’’ on men. They’re soft, but they are not built to last. Look for selvedge denim or denim with a 98% cotton/2% elastane blend. These pants will wear-in nicer, and you will get more use out of your purchase.

Leather goods: Vegans and vegetarians, look away. Whether it’s footwear, a jacket or accessories, leather goods should outlast you. If properly taken care of, you could even pass them down to your kids.

There you have it! These items will have you looking like a million bucks, and — if you treat them right — they’ll last you for years to come. All these items can be found right here in Music City, too, so do some research and treat yourself. Your wallet and your closet will be happy you did!